The Stäubli group: providing robotics solutions worldwide.

Known for the quality of its methods and processes for more than a century, the Stäubli group has transferred its mechanical engineering know-how and its technological innovation to robotics. Since 1982, the development of the robotics business within the group has taken concrete shape with the deployment of competencies and the development of new solutions. Today Stäubli Robotics is a leading player in robotics around the world, with its engineering as effective and dependable as its sales and service.

An innovative approach to your every need.

Stäubli is proud of the comprehensiveness, quality, and reliability of its solutions for each key robotics activity. Within the areas where Stäubli robots can make a difference for our system integrators, many require a very specific set of expert competencies. Our approach is clear: we develop a close partnership with the integrators based on our technical and commercial contributions so that we can work together to build the most suitable overall solution. This approach guarantees the success of every automation project.

A complete range of robots

  • SCARA 4-axis robots
  • 6-axis robots
  • Specialized robots (painting, cleanroom, plastics, machine-tools, etc.)

A single platform

  • A single family of CS8 controllers to control the entire range
  • Choice of programming: VAL# robotics language, or PLC-IEC61131 languages (Ladder, SFC, FBD, ST, IL)
  • A PC software package, Stäubli Robotics Studio, offering user-friendliness and integration within the Windows® environment.

Unrivalled quality of service

  • Technical sales support and integrator partnerships
  • Application and programming support
  • Training

Sales & After Sales

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Complete range of 4 & 6 axis robots up to 190 kg payload running on a single control platform


Engineering multiple responses because each need is unique.